The Online Foundation Course

The Piano Portals Online Foundation Course

Access the Online Foundation Course of 148 videos (see below for details) along with e-books, Cheat Sheets and more through Patreon.

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What's in the Online Foundation Course?

Part 1 (around 120 mins) contains:

  • 51 videos on growing to know and love at least one musical 'pattern' (short, beautiful substitutes for exercises) 100 % by ear for direct, expressive coordination. Only then will you unlock the full benefits of Part 2
  • Tracks and Scores of all 13 Piano Portals 'patterns', featured in the Original (e-)Books

Part 2 (around 180 mins) contains:

  • 49 videos on exploring helpful, transformational, oft-neglected elements of fluent, expressive technique within the musical environment of the pattern(s) you learnt in Part 1
  • Demonstrations of all of the Piano Portals patterns, played fluently and expressively
  • 9 videos showcasing helpful practice priorities in learning a Brahms Waltz, demonstrating the wider application of Piano Portals

PDF Course Workbook including Checklists to focus and clarify your explorations and a handy Course Index and Index of Tools explored in the course and their purposes

Complimentary download of the Original e-Books and Tracks, from which the musical patterns originate


Course Requirements

For post-beginner pianists:

  • An understanding of the rudiments of playing to at least a 'Grade 1/Early Elementary' level
  • A a basic grasp of major scales, especially D flat major, as most of Part 1 is focused on the pattern Dflat1. There's also a pattern in A minor
  • At least a basic understanding of what an interval is - although it's not an academic course, and all is explained
  • A good enough internet connection to stream videos

For intermediate-advanced pianists:

  • An open mind
  • A willingness to explore a parallel practice to whatever repertoire you're practising
  • A good enough internet connection to stream videos

For teachers of teens to adults:

  • An openness to fresh perspectives on technique
  • A good enough internet connection to stream videos

Who it's not for

  • Complete beginners
  • Pianists who are completely happy with their playing and experience no difficulties or excess tension
  • Anyone unwilling to experiment with radically different practice priorities from those to which you may be accustomed


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