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The 7 Secrets of Piano Playing

Begin to transform your playing without investing a penny. Enjoy this free 17-video taster version of the full Online Foundation Course of 148 videos.

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The Piano Portals Online Foundation Course

Access the Online Foundation Course of 148 videos (see below for details) along with other exclusive videos, cheat sheets and more through the Membership Community at Patreon.

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What's in the Online Foundation Course?

Part 1 (around 120 mins) contains:

  • 51 videos on reorienting your approach towards playing by ear for direct, expressive coordination
  • Tracks and Scores of all of the Piano Portals patterns

Part 2 (around 180 mins) contains:

  • 49 videos on prioritising the most helpful, transformational and oft-neglected elements of fluent, expressive technique
  • Demonstrations of all of the Piano Portals patterns, played fluently and expressively
  • 9 videos applying similar priorities to a Brahms Waltz, demonstrating the wider application of Piano Portals

A downloadable pdf Course Workbook including Checklists to accompany the videos and a Summary of Tools in the course and their purposes

Course Requirements

For post-beginner pianists:

  • A a basic grasp of major scales (including D flat major)
  • A rudimentary understanding of basic intervals is helpful, although it's not an academic course, and all is explained
  • A decent enough internet connection to stream videos

For intermediate-advanced pianists:

  • An open mind
  • A willingness to explore a parallel practice to whatever repertoire you're practising
  • A decent enough internet connection to stream videos

Who it's not for

  • Complete beginners (your patreon membership will enable me to create resources for beginners)
  • Pianists who are completely happy with the status quo and don't experience difficulties or excess tension


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