Do you long to feel

• more connected
• less tense
• fluent and expressive

as you play the piano?

Holistic substitute for Hanon

  • What's your go-to resource for technique? Is it serving you well?
  • Are you practising the coordination that will help you to play?
  • Piano Portals is a daily practice that works with your body and within musical flow

Outside the box

  • Could 'received wisdom' on technique be letting you down?
  • Embrace elements of able players' techniques that've been all but neglected by orthodox pedagogy

Works on different levels

  • Are you a post-beginner seeking to play more fluently and expressively?
  • An intermediate player feeling frustrated with your practice?
  • An advanced player seeking to eliminate excess tension?

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“Piano Portals has given me a new sense of connection to the music I am playing, releasing me from my head
into my body, fingers and senses, so that all of my being is involved.”

Anne, Pianist

For the radical piano teacher

  • Suspicious of mechanical exercises? Frustrated by slow progress?
  • Empower your students with fresh, transformational tools for technique
  • Refresh your own experience of playing or performing


A Fresh Approach

  • Don't follow dogma - deepen self-awareness and become the expert
  • Take responsibility for your progress and well-being
  • Address blocks in your technique - and watch those in repertoire dissolve

Sense and Self-Awareness

Piano Portals is first and foremost a radical, accessible framework for exploring technique from a holistic perspective. It doubles as a calming, mindful practice.

Piano Portals helps you to 'be in your body' when you play, which can deeply impact how you feel in performance - reducing anxiety and increasing well-being.

Piano Portals aids presence and focus. It features engaging music at every stage, which can be explored in countless creative ways to transform technique.

Read the back story of how Piano Portals founder, pianist Stephen Marquiss MA (Cantab.), journeyed from artistic disembodiment to assured performing in his 30s...