"Is it reasonable to expect the master's consummate ease at the piano when the daily routine of practice never glimpses it? One might as well expect perfection in the technique of swimming from daily golf-playing."
Abby Whiteside, The Pianist's Mechanism

Are you stuck

  • in a rut with your technique?
  • Are you frustrated by slow progress?
  • Are you an Elementary-Advanced player seeking fresh ideas?

Are you envious

of 'gifted' players who perform joyfully and confidently from memory and by ear?

Playing to your potential?

What do you think of as 'technique'? Exercises? Agility? Mastery? Inspired by Abby Whiteside (1881-1956), Piano Portals proposes that innately 'gifted' players thrive in spite of conventional exercises and the assumptions they perpetuate. Could conventional approaches actually bypass fundamental elements of able players' apparatus, rendering a lot of practice ineffective, for the rest of us?

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Rethink technique

  • Underpinned by an authentic midlife journey from frustration to facility, Piano Portals offers surprising, transformational points of focus for your practice
  • It restores oft-neglected, central elements of 'gifted' players' techniques to pole position
  • It empowers Elementary-Advanced players to play fluently and expressively without excess tension and with exquisite control, through deepening self-awareness, not drudgery

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“Piano Portals has given me a new sense of connection to the music I am playing, releasing me from my head into my body, fingers and senses, so that all of my being is involved.”

Anne, Pianist

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Refresh your teaching

  • Uncover engaging solutions to technical difficulties
  • Empower all to progress, not just the most 'gifted'
  • Refresh your own playing joyfully

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