Fluent, expressive playing

  • Are you a Post-beginner to Intermediate player or returner?
  • Do you seek to play fluently and expressively without excess tension?

Finesse and mastery

  • Are you an Intermediate to Advanced player?
  • Do you seek the 'holy grails' of dynamic control, rhythmic evenness, exquisite ornamentation, cantabile, balance, memorising and more?

Fresh approach to technique

  • that makes YOU the expert through deepening self-awareness, not dogma
  • that explores technique only within a state of deep, focused connection to music
  • that spotlights transformational, oft-neglected fundamentals of able players' techniques

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“Piano Portals has given me a new sense of connection to the music I am playing, releasing me from my head
into my body, fingers and senses, so that all of my being is involved.”

Anne, Pianist

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Refresh your teaching

  • Uncover engaging solutions to technical difficulties
  • Empower all to progress, not just the most 'gifted'
  • Refresh your own playing

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