Do you long to feel

• more connected
• less tense
• fluent and expressive

as you play the piano?

Do you struggle

  • with fluency, power, delicacy, speed, evenness, expression, ornamentation, memorising or confidence?
  • Are your go-to resources for technique serving you well?
  • Are you practising with the mindsets, whole-body coordination and flow that empower you to play to your potential?

Convention dictates

  • that you prioritise the activities of your fingers, hands, wrists and arms over their integration with the rest of your body
  • that you learn more with your eyes than your ears (almost all mainstream tutor methods teach this way)
  • that you 'work on' technique outside of a deep-seated, flowing connection to music

Piano Portals unveils

  • a truly holistic daily practice for transforming technique through deepening self-awareness
  • the revolutionary potential of putting your ears back in charge, even for the most visual learners
  • how to address technical difficulties in harmony with your body's expressive response to music

It's an accessible, enjoyable approach that harmonises your own coordination, facilitating all repertoire. It's an inspirational antidote to both conventional exercises and the endless challenge of addressing technical difficulties one by one as they arise.

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“Piano Portals has given me a new sense of connection to the music I am playing, releasing me from my head
into my body, fingers and senses, so that all of my being is involved.”

Anne, Pianist

For the radical piano teacher

  • Suspicious of mechanical exercises but lacking a satisfying substitute?
  • Empower your students with fresh technical tools
  • Refresh your own experience of playing or performing

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Sense and Self-Awareness

Piano Portals empowers you to be the expert on your own playing coordination through deepening self-awareness. It's a creative, non-dogmatic approach.

Piano Portals uncovers oft-neglected, commonsense elements of able players' techniques which can turn your technical difficulties into fluent, expressive playing.

Piano Portals doubles as a mindful practice for becoming present and grounded, reducing performance anxiety and focusing wandering attention.

Read the back story of how Founder, Stephen Marquiss, journeyed from frustration to facility in playing, overcoming injury and mental blocks...