“Since working with Piano Portals, I have begun to feel much more liberated from old messages of ‘got to get it right’... and I’m really enjoying playing... and feel more confident to tackle new music. I love to see the beauty in really simple pieces and am daring to improvise a little. And that’s a big jump for me. Thank you so much.”

Gill, pianist

“Piano Portals has given me a new sense of connection to the music I am playing, releasing me from my head into my body, fingers and senses, so that all of my being is involved.”

Anne, pianist

“Piano Portals has made an enormous difference to [my husband]. He really enjoys the piano now and we have lovely music drifting through the house every day! His whole attitude to the piano has changed and he now loves the music he plays and really enjoys making music. Thank you for a wonderful course. It has made a real difference.”

Linda, teacher

"I feel that Piano Portals has had a quite remarkable effect on my playing in that I seem already to be much more involved in the emotional content of the music rather than concentrating on the basic technical problems. It has been most rewarding.”

Angela, pianist