How do I become a member?

Piano Portals uses Patreon as its membership platform. That's where you can access all courses, e-books, cheat sheets, tutorials and 121 feedback. Please head to Piano Portals on Patreon to join.

Isn't Patreon a crowdfunding site?

No, it's a professional membership site where you can access exclusive content from Piano Portals and other artists and creators.

Can I try it for free?

Yes - whilst Patreon doesn't currently offer a set free trial period, billing is always on the 1st of each month (after 12 AM PST = 8 AM GMT). So join any time during any month and enjoy all the Piano Portals resources available to your membership tier. You'll only be charged if you don't cancel before the billing date/time. There's a public post on the Piano Portals Patreon page explaining this - Check out the Patreon page.

Are there different levels of membership?

Yes. The different Patreon tiers offer different benefits - for example, access to e-books/cheat sheets/video tutorials, courses and 121 feedback. See all membership tiers.

How do I get feedback on how I'm doing?

Piano Portals is about becoming the expert on your own playing through deepening self-awareness. But many of us benefit from 121 feedback too. Some membership tiers offer access to regular 121 feedback from Piano Portals founder, Stephen Marquiss, on your own playing and teaching challenges. Submit videos of yourself playing and meet with Stephen in a monthly live chat. See all membership tiers.

Can I influence members' content?

Yes - some membership tiers offer the chance to request video Play Flows (like workflows, but for your piano practice) for repertoire of your choice and to influence the content of tutorials. See all membership tiers.

Can I support Piano Portals as a non-player

Yes - fans of critical thinking can join as one with Piano Portals and bust assumptions in conventional pedagogy by paying what you wish, even if you don't make use of the resources yourself. You'll also be empowering pianists and teachers around the world to access fresh, transformational ideas.

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