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  • a dynamic, creative teacher?
  • committed to all students' progress, even the least coordinated?
  • curious about a holistic daily practice for technique?
  • keen to cultivate flowing, expressive whole-body coordination in young children?
  • interested in empowering Practice Flows for holistic learning?
  • seeking fresh ideas for facilitating phrasing, balance, narrative line, power, delicacy, ornamentation, evenness and cantabile?
  • keen to help students stay 'in their body' and perform assuredly?
  • keen to help students avoid or rehabilitate from injury (in conjunction with medical advice)?
  • seeking fresh tools for memorising?
  • keen to refresh your own experience of playing?

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“I'm enjoying these little oases of calm each day and can't wait to get to the piano to play them.”

Gill, Pianist

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