For your open-minded teen to adult students

  • Introduce fresh priorities in practice, for astounding results
  • Offer effective, engaging tools for technique
  • Explore absorbing processes for deep-learning new music assuredly
  • Develop coordination and mindfulness with attractive music
  • Enable 'gifted' students to fly
  • Open a portal to genuine progress for strugglers
  • Help your students take responsibility for their well-being
  • Try a new approach following technique-related injury (in conjunction with medical advice)
  • Empower your students to perform confidently
  • Enable your students to memorise music assuredly

For you, as a thinking teacher with a holistic outlook

  • Exceed expectations with fresh, holistic priorities in technique
  • Reduce frustration - offer creative solutions to students' difficulties
  • Peace of mind - offer all students the most effective technical tools
  • Enrich your teaching experience - enjoy more musical playing!
  • Rejuvenate your own experience of playing
  • Further hone your own playing technique
  • Address any blocks that remain in your own practice or performance processes


“I'm enjoying these little oases of calm each day and can't wait to get to the piano to play them.”

Gill, Pianist

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