Who's it for?

  • Open-minded teen-adult pianists
  • Pianists with a holistic outlook
  • Pianists who enjoy yoga, meditation or other mindful practices
  • Independent-thinking pianists
  • Pianists who are suspicious of the value of mechanical exercises
  • Pianists who experience excessive tension in playing
  • Pianists who want to take responsibility for their own well-being
  • Pianists recovering from technique-related injury (in conjunction with medical advice)
  • Pianists who want to break free from unhelpful past advice
  • Pianists who want to play more by ear
  • Pianists who want to memorise assuredly

What can it help with?

  • Overcoming technical difficulties through deepening self-awareness
  • Eliminating excess tension
  • Taking responsibility for your well-being in playing
  • Rehabilitating from technique-related injury (in conjunction with medical advice)
  • Being more present, focused and connected
  • Learning new repertoire assuredly
  • Playing by ear and memorising
  • Using your precious practice time efficiently
  • Honing the minute details of your technique for maximum mastery
  • Effortlessly communicating musical line and narrative structure
  • Walking, moving, driving and sitting more ergonomically

“Become the expert in your own coordination - this is absolutely on the nail."

Julian, Pianist

How can I have Piano Portals in my life?

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