Piano Portals is for you if you're...

  • an open-minded post-beginner pianist with a holistic outlook
  • an independent-thinking pianist seeking to play fluently and expressively
  • an advanced pianist seeking to refine the minutest details of your technique
  • seeking to eliminate excess tension in your playing
  • seeking to take responsibility for your well-being in playing
  • seeking a fresh approach after technique-related injury (in conjunction with medical advice)
  • seeking to align your piano practice with other mindful practices in your life
  • suspicious of, or disenchanted by, mechanical exercises
  • seeking to break free from frustration or mental blocks
  • seeking to play by ear
  • seeking to memorise assuredly
  • familiar with the notes of major scales (at least D and D flat major for the online courses)

Piano Portals can help you to...

  • overcome technical difficulties through deepening self-awareness
  • eliminate excess tension
  • hone the minute details of your technique for maximum mastery
  • take responsibility for your well-being in playing
  • rehabilitate from technique-related injury (in conjunction with medical advice)
  • be more present, focused and expressive
  • feel more connected and flowing
  • play more fluently without hesitations
  • learn new repertoire assuredly
  • play by ear and from memory
  • use your precious practice time efficiently
  • communicate musical line and narrative structure
  • walk, move, drive and sit more ergonomically

“Become the expert in your own coordination - this is absolutely on the nail."

Julian, Pianist


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