Introduction to Piano Portals

Here I summarise Piano Portals and its main benefits for curious, open-minded pianists and teachers.

7 Secrets of Piano Playing

Begin to transform your playing without investing a penny with this free online course. It introduces the 7 principles of Piano Portals through the lens of one simple pattern.


What do I get when I buy it?

The physical Piano Portals product comprises two beautiful books and CD. The digital product is a double-ebook/mp3 track download version of the same material. If you order the hard copy you get the electronic one too.

The main book contains beautiful music, inspirational text and a detailed, easy-to-read introduction.

The Piano Portals Players' and Teachers' Guide is packed with creative suggestions for exploring the musical material. It features detailed illustrations and musical examples - a lifetime's worth of resources for technique!

The products are supplemented by an ever-growing stream of online videos. Detailed online courses are coming soon!



To buy the Piano Portals products – physical or electronic – please visit the shop.